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News from the West

18th December 2018 - A Letter from Shropshire

Dear all,

Jane and I wish all of our many Brooklands Centre friends we left behind a Happy Christmas and peaceful New Year. Our thoughts especially go out to those of you not in the peak of health. We can't believe it is two years since we moved up here! The Cottage is nearly as we want it, although the garage (barn) has still a way to go to be properly functional.

Motor clubs - still Trialling (VSCC), taking part in and organising rallies (Inter-Register). Our local club, the Salop Yesteryear Motor Club has a membership of 53, catering for all marques of veteran, vintage, and classic cars, is quite active. As well as regular N&Ns we do a trial, driving tests, and treasure hunts.

I've been volunteered onto the committee and have already organised a film night, and tonight at our Christmas Dinner I shall be doing a Shellac Disco with the wind-up and 78s. Next Feb I am doing a feelie evening. These are all things imported from good old Brooklands Centre! The Humber and I have been roped in for the last two West Felton Carnival parades in June. They close the roads and all the floats and the local societies parade round the village. This year I took the vicar and her family round in the Humber and a neighbour drove the A7 box - see picture.

We guess Robin is still organising holidays and you are still doing your trips and walks. We miss you all.


Nigel & Jane

nigel1-a carxmaspic-a

and a Happy Christmas to Jane and Nigel from Brooklands Centre 750 Motor Club

750 Motor Club Brooklands Centre 50th Anniversary

25th July 2018 - Brooklands Centre 50th Anniverary - by Roger B

About 50 members and past members celebrated the Centre's 50th anniversary with an evening garden party held in the grounds of Cobham Park Lodge.

Our Committee prepared the garden, erected a large gazebo in case of inclement weather (it was fine), and laid on an excellent cold buffet. Delicious food, plenty for everyone. Whilst eating we were entertained by a small but lively traditional jazz band. And as the sun finally went down, Robin addressed the party with a brief history of the Centre.

I'm sure everyone who was there will join me in thanking our Committee for the organisation and efforts which made for a most enjoyable evening.

Finally we all thank Dominic Coombe for the use of his lovely gardens and his support for us through the years across the lane at the annual Cobham trial.

cobham-DSCN9833a cobham-DSCN9827a
cobham-DSCN9821a cobham-DSCN9817a cobham-DSCN9831a cobham-DSCN9842a

750 Motor Club 57th National Austin 7 Rally

1st July 2018 - My Beaulieu - by Ian N

There was a good turnout again with 170 cars on the rally field. This year's special theme was Earlier A7s, the oldest being a 1923 Pram Hood together with an impressive line up of 40 other early cars including a Swallow Tourer and a Rosengart. The weather was hot, which caused a few people to stay at home. The Perkins did a great job of managing the trophies and the prize-giving was the slickest ever. Next year's rally will be on 7 July and the special theme will be Bring a Box to Beaulieu, featuring saloons and tourers from 1930-1934.


1st July 2018 - My Beaulieu - by Roger B

This is my account of my day at the Beaulieu Rally this year. If anyone would like to send accounts and photos of their rally please let me have them soon.

This year we set out from Esher a earlier at 0745. Little car ran well, and despite it being quite hot, after an uneventful journey with one coffee/comfort break we got to Beaulieu at about 1025. It was a fine sunny day, indeed HOT (Ian, could we have the thermostat down a bit next time)

This year the programme listed 153 entries, better than last year's 138, but only 57 attended both years. My friend and passenger Phil is refurbishing a Fabric Saloon and found a number of bits for the project. I am hopeful that next year we will be able to form a little convoy, maybe on our way to Beaulieu.

People cope with heat in different ways, but the ice-cream man must have had a good day. Nick Salmon was taking photos all day. They are very good and well worth viewing on this link: You will also find Nick's other albums via the 'Back to albums list' link at the top of his page. And thanks Nick for allowing us to reproduce some here.

The return journey took about the same time as outward, but was slightly more eventful. Little car experienced fuel starvation a couple of times as the SU electric pump raced sucking vapour. Why was there a problem? Petrol car fuel is a mixture of ingredients with different physical properties, consequently its boiling range starts as low as 25°C. The car's pick-up pipe exits via the top of the tank so fuel has to be drawn up more than 50cm before leaving the tank. Reduced pressure lowers the boiling point of liquids. So with the car standing in full sun all day and ambient temperature in excess of 25°C it's surprising that there wasn't more trouble. Maybe I can modify the fuel pipe runs to reduce suction so it will cope better with high temperatures - or would that guarantee a run of cool, wet summers?

Made it! - arrival: Parked amongst special friends:
beaulieu-01a_wm beaulieu-02a
Some folk camped in the open: Some folk chilled in the shade of the old oak tree:
beaulieu-03a beaulieu-04a

and now an appeal...

beaulieu-1963-09-17a beaulieu-1963-09-17b In 1963 my little car wore an alloy 750MC badge, colour unknown. So when I saw one sensible priced on a stall at Beaulieu I bought it. 750MC was selling 'chrome and enamel' by 1963, I think alloy badges must be older. Were they available in different colours or only as cast, does anyone have more information? The colour, fixing hole and missing fixing tag on mine are distinctive, if you recognise it please let me know. beaulieu-05

a joint event organised by Tunbridge Wells 750mc

19th June 2018 - Gatwick Aviation Museum - by Richard P

The Gatwick Aviation Museum is an unexpected treasure trove of aviation history situated right beside the one, and so far only, runway at Gatwick Airport. It has a very comprehensive display of the development of the airport from its foundation in the 1930's, which is a fascinating story in itself, but it also has a significant number of early military jet aircraft many of which are airworthy or being brought back to airworthy state. Amongst the large number of aircraft which you could walk up to and touch were a Gloster Meteor, Sea Vixen, Harrier Jump Jet and an English Electric Lightning. One of the surprises was that wood worm can affect these venerable machines. Think De Havilland Mosquito and you get the picture. The highlight of our trip was a Shackleton which had seen post war service in airborne defence surveillance. A retired squadron leader who had served in Shackletons was on hand to describe the aircraft and to tell us about his experiences and anecdotes of flying them. We were allowed to go inside, just six at a time, and it was surprisingly spacious. The Shackleton was much bigger than I thought. I could actually get inside and stand up!

We gained so much by going as a group and having a guided tour but there is still a lot left to see. Do go if you have the chance.

New member at the end of the line: Co-pilot's view:
gatwick-02a gatwick-01a
These things are BIG: Usual suspects doing the usual:
gatwick-03a gatwick-04a

Many thanks to the Tunbridge Wells Centre for organising a great joint day out at the Gatwick Aviation and Wings Museums and to Grahame F for the use of his photos.

postscript - some other exhibits - Roger B
Bell P63 King Cobra - fighter Blackburn Buccaneer - naval attack Hawker Hunter - fighter
gatwick-08a gatwick-09a gatwick-10a

postpostscript - Roger B
gatwick-05a Back in October 2016 the A7OC held its AGM at the museum. We were fortunate to see the Shackleton running its engines, but only after they had adjusted the port inner magneto and contact breaker, very impressive when they got it going.
gatwick-07a I don't know if it was explained during the Brooklands visit, but that Shackleton actually has six engines. The trapdoor visible beneath the outer engine is a retractable air intake for a jet engine used to assist take off in extreme conditions.
gatwick-06a After a few minutes, the port outer engine boiled up - Austin 7s are not the only machines with coolant leaks and overheating problems!

Cobham Trial organised by Brooklands Centre, 750MC

22nd April 2018 - This year for a change the weather was kind and we enjoyed warm sunshine for most of the day.

More than 40 entrants attempted 2 circuits of 8 hills before lunch, 1 circuit after lunch. Final Results can be found here

At Hill 6, probably the easiest hill in the Warren area, make of it what you will, clears: Round 1 - 8, Round 2 - 19, Round 3 - 26. However of those clear on Round 1, 5 cleared it again on Rounds 2 and 3, but only one made it into the prizes, the Section 4 and Overall Winner.

Thanks to Michael and Colin Weeks for organising the event and all the officials and marshalls whithout whom it could not proceed.

Thanks also to Nick Salmon took part in his 1934 Special, and took many photographs, some repoduced with permission below. His full gallery is may be viewed here

*** If anyone would like to submit their account of the day or other photos your webmaster would be pleased to hear from them ***

Some of the winners:
2018-cobham-01 2018-cobham-04
2018-cobham-03 2018-cobham-02
2018-cobham-05 2018-cobham-06
Some enjoyed the fine day:
2018-cobham-07 2018-cobham-08
2018-cobham-09 2018-cobham-10

New Year's Lunch

1 January 2018 - New Year's Lunch the White Hart, Pirbright - by Roger H

The "Austineers" meeting at the White Hart pub in Pirbright, on New Year's Day for a "bite to eat" - by Roger H

Thank you to Judy for organising the meal and the weather.

pearls pearls

Hi, sorry only two old cars turned up so no photos of cars, only people - Jane

(plus ça change?)

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