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Past Events - 2020

2019-cobham-01 CoviDon't Drive It Day 2020

26th April 2020 - This year Covid-19 social distancing rules led FBHVC to advise owners not to venture out on the roads with their old cars, so Brooklands Centre members held a socially distant photo meet on what was a fine sunny day.
This is what happened:
Look what Roland and Pam have done for us isn't it fabulous. Thank you so much Reads - Judy

Here are the culprits:

2019-cobham-01 2019-cobham-06
Mesage from the sticks:

Hi Judy - Sending this from sunny Shropshire! Attached is my virtual drive-it-day picture with Megan in the Salmson. I took it today rather than tomorrow 'cos it is sunny. It might need a caption "who the devil is that!" Jane took the picture - we are making the most of lockdown - Jane's list of jobs grows by the day. I shall be in the garage shortly servicing the steering box on the Trials A7.

Because of the lovely weather I did make a couple of wall sundials one to go on a SW facing wall and the second for a SE facing wall. THey are made from spare roofing slates. They both tell the same time (GMT)!

We trust you are all keeping safe - Jane and Nigel

(and Megan and the three kittens we adopted last November)

2019-cobham-01 2019-cobham-06
It’s ‘Virtual Drive it Day’ today. The Sun is Shining so get your classic/vintage/older/interesting car out on to the drive and get a photo taken with you sat in it and email to Judy who will then send out to all Brooklands Centre members.

Happy Virtual Motoring - Roger and Jane

2019-cobham-01 2019-cobham-06
2019-cobham-01 2019-cobham-06
Must get those springs sorted! Have a great day everyone

Regards - Mike

Hi All - Here’s Susan in Cholmondley (Mulliner) all ready to motor round to rescue Georgina (Box) n a distant lock up - but is the journey really essential?

Meanwhile, Mini has been SORNed because an MoT was due so is confined to barracks

Keep well and keep smiling - Richard and Susan

2019-cobham-06 2019-cobham-06
Hello Judy

I hope all is well with your family in these peculiar days. As Roger suggested in case we forgot what everyone else looked like ...........

I have included a pic of the Chairman at the beginning of his Rusty project as he is not 'on the web'.

All the best - Colin

2019-cobham-01 2019-cobham-06
Ready to go, but nowhere to go! - Roland & Pam Dear Judy - Hope you and Len are keeping well and enjoying the fine weather. As requested here is a snap, taken today of me with the Gordon England and Molly and Stanley. Unfortunately as you can see I tripped over Stanley last November and broke my ankle, so even if I could ‘drive it’ I couldn’t!! I was supposed to be having surgery this week but it had been cancelled.

I do hope it won’t be too long before everybody will be able to come out to play again.

Keep well and hope to see you soon - Marcus

2019-cobham-06 2019-cobham-01
2019-cobham-01 2019-cobham-06
Hi Judy - Virtual Drive it day report

It was a very short drive from our Motor House to the coffee stop, a garden we have used quite often over the past few sunny weeks but it was a pleasant drive in the morning sunshine. See photo of Sue planning our route to the lunch venue.

After another very short drive on a deserted route we arrived at the lunchtime pub garden, this is a place we have eaten at many times during the past 44 years. There is quite a bit of self catering involved but you usually get what you requested.

Imagine our surprise to find the Austin had won best in show at the lunchtime concours, the Mercedes was second & the Volvo third but in keeping with Brooklands centre tradition no prizes were awarded for the runners up. See photo of Austin with magnificent supermarket cup on the bonnet. We were home in time for a cup of tea & a bit of cake after a short drive back to the Motor House in glorious warm sunshine. This was probably the best weather we've ever had for Drive it Day.

Toung in cheek Jim & Sue

2019-cobham-01 2019-cobham-06
Hi - Just back from nowhere and it was bad luck for the poor hedgehog.

Best wishes to you all - David

Here's little car out in the sun yesterday afternoon, seat is out so I'm sitting a bit low Keen eyes may spot lack of operational fuelling or cooling apparatus in place, so sadly I couldn't have driven it even if I'd been allowed to.

It's not been an ideal rebuild. I planned assembling engine and gearbox on clean bench, then with assistance lift it back into the car. Lockdown scuppered that so I have to rebuilt partly in car, lifting in lumps I could handle on my own.

It took much longer that way, but good news is that 16 hours after the end of Drive It Day I was started it and ran for a minute or so proving I didn't have to dismantle and start again.

Best wishes - stay safe - Rogerb